How big is your carbon footprint?

Offset your footprint with low carbon projects


We all need to act on climate change. Our actions - how we travel, use energy, diet and other lifestyle choices influence the climate.  Listen to the environmentalist within you and by being conscious of your personal effect on the environment - reduce your own carbon footprint and join a global Climate Action.

You can estimate your carbon footprint using our CARBON FOOTPRINT CALCULATOR. 

Our Projects

Through Friends of Low Carbon Montenegro we have created a voluntary carbon footprint reduction program that helps to rebuild the natural environment and ecosystem. Our tourism projects also deliver added sustainable impacts to local communities and the environment, such as job creation, health and well-being improvements and protection of biodiversity.

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A Simple Guide to Green Living

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism and United Nations Development Program, are piloting a compensation scheme to buttress carbon offsetting in Montenegro, which is followed by the gradual increase of reducing carbon footprint practices. Our reduce your carbon footprint scheme allows individuals and companies to invest in environmental projects in Montenegro in order to balance out their own carbon footprints. The projects are most commonly designed to reduce future emissions.